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Our workshops are for leaders and managers who want to become more confident communicators. If you are asking yourself the following questions our workshops are for you:

1. What do I do when people don’t do what I want them to? 

2. How do I give tough feedback that sticks? 

3. How do I get people to listen to me? 

4. How do I communicate with someone who is being “difficult?” 

5. How can we improve communication in our work culture? 

6. Why do certain people just “not get along?” How can I change that as a leader?

TALK2ME© Communication Workshops cover the following menu of topics you and your team can choose from:

1. How to Create a Culture of Communication 

2. Identifying Your Communicator Type & The Communicator Type of Others 

3. How to Communicate with Difficult People 

4. Influence of Moods on Communication 

5. Taking the Fear Out of Feedback 

6. Servant Leadership & Confident Communication 

7. Effective Listening Techniques

8. Defusing Tense Situations With Ease 

TALK2ME© is a proven communication system developed by Dr. Dennis O’Grady that helps people more effectively communicate at work and at home. To test your Communicator Type go HERE. 

Workshops range from 1 hour up to three days. We also offer ongoing training and support. 

Dr. Dennis O’Grady leads the workshops. Dr. O’Grady’s daughter, Riley O’Grady, Director of Training, also assists with some of the workshops. To learn more about the team go HERE

Our workshops are customized to suit specific needs and interests. They can also be as short as one hour and as long as three days. Finally, we offer ongoing workshops. 

Our workshops are kept small to maximize impact. Workshops range from ten to twenty people on average.  

To list a few, Dr. O’Grady has worked with: Dayton Freight Lines, IBM, Wright State University, University of Dayton, Motoman Robotics, and Premier Health. 

Benefits include an increase in profits, productivity, positive mood, team cohesion, and confident leadership. Details on benefits can be discussed during an initial discovery call. 

We come to you at the time and location that’s best for your team. 

To discuss if our workshops are a good fit for your team, call New Insights Communication at 937-428-0724 and schedule a time to speak with Dr. O’Grady. Alternatively, you can email

Workshops can be one-time or ongoing depending on your organizational needs. Your first workshop will set the foundation for other service options including: consulting, leadership/career coaching, and ongoing workshops. While a change in workplace culture can be expected after just one workshop, we believe that in order to create a sustainable culture shift most organizations benefit from on-going multidimensional support. After the first workshop we can discuss your organizational needs and budget to craft a customized solution.

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