Can Your Team Communicate Like Pros?

TALK2ME© Boosts Workplace Productivity, Profits, and People Skills

It all boils down to good communication, always has and always will.” 

Dr. Dennis O'Grady

Dayton, OH psychologist, creator of talk2me© & author of The communication highway playbook

Who Is It For?

Fun and never boring communication skills driven workshops. With over 50,000 people trained in TALK2ME©, Dr. Dennis O’Grady delivers proven customizable workshops that transform local Dayton and Cincinnati businesses such as Dayton Freight.

What are TALK2ME© Workshops?

Workshops are lead by the master himself, Dr. Dennis O’Grady. TALK2ME© workshops are geared around identifying your communicator type to better understand, listen, provide balanced feedback, interact during high pressure changing times. 

The Talk2Me© Difference:

The lightbulb came on for me. If this were the medical field, Instigator-Empathizer talk technology is the cure for cancer we've all been looking for!
Mike Gabbard,
VP Human Resources, Motoman, dayton OH
Dr. O'Grady's positive culture of Talk2Me© Communication has helped us secure our family company for the next generation. We have found that better communication improves profitability and productivity while enjoying the work we do. We know of no other investment greater than that of our resource of people!
Tom Cronin
CEO, Dayton freight, 15 years of Talk2me©

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