About The Book: Communicate Like A PRO

Communicate Like A PRO is written by a psychologist-father and educator-daughter team who specialize in powerful communication solutions for individuals, couples, and businesses. This book is for anyone having trouble communicating with anyone. It’s a relationship problem-solving manual. The TALK2ME© Laws of Effective Communication and PRO Rules transform any relationship impasse into an open avenue of two-way communication. Based on the characteristics of two distinct communicator styles Empathizers and Instigators this book helps you really understand why you react and respond the way you do during conversations, arguments and disagreements, and why others react and respond the way they do, too. Communicate Like A PRO gives you powerful tools to solve long-standing relationship problems and challenging communication obstacles as they play out at home, in your relationships, and at work. Based on twenty years of research and development with 40,000 psychotherapy clients from all walks of life, it comprises critical feedback tools from a series of over 500 leadership training courses for all levels of management to develop a culture rooted in open and honest communication.

The Father-Daughter Authors

Psychologist Dr. Dennis O’ Grady is Riley’s proud dad and the father of the TALK2ME© System. Dennis is a veteran 40-year leadership trainer, marriage counselor, family business consultant, and president of the Dayton Area Psychological Association. Dr. O’ Grady received his doctorate in psychology degree in 1982 from the School of Professional Psychology at Wright State University. Since 2008 in 143 highly interactive classes, Dr. O Grady has personally trained over 496 diverse IQ Leaders of Dayton Freight Lines to tap into the Instigator-Empathizer playbook. The TALK2ME© leadership training programs in effective communication build and maintain a positive, companywide culture of trust and respect. By investing in their resource of people, Dayton Freight has grown from 37 Service Centers to 56 Service Centers with 4,500+ employees. Taking the fear out of feedback has improved Dayton Freight’s productivity and netted skyrocketing profits, including happiness at home.

Riley O’Grady is an interpersonal communication professional, educator, and instructional systems designer who grew up with the TALK2ME© system. An entrepreneur and educator at heart, Riley is recognized for impassioned approaches, colorful ideas, and a mission to transform the workforce of tomorrow. She designs and delivers career education, life skills, and workforce solutions in one-on-one, small group, and corporate training settings. She has experience as a North Carolina middle and high school teacher, psychology research coordinator at Miami University (Ohio), career coach, and business owner. Riley is currently the founder and executive director of a Cincinnati youth nonprofit called LEAD Training and owns her own career coaching business called Valiant. Her youth programs help young people develop self-efficacy a belief in their own capacity to succeed by providing opportunities to learn and practice these skills in safe, real-life settings. Riley has developed and delivered career and life-skills educational programs for YMCA, Cincinnati State Technical and Community College, United Way, and various other schools and nonprofit organizations in Ohio and Northern Kentucky.

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