Dr. Dennis O'Grady

Since 2008, Dr. Dennis O’Grady has had the pleasure and honor of training 436 IQ leaders of Dayton Freight Lines to use the Instigator and Empathizer playbook of power communication tools. According to Executive Leaders, these 3-day customized workshops have increased trustful respectful teamwork, thereby netting sky rocketing profits. Dennis has been a lifestyle newspaper columnist, author and motivational speaker on Taking the Fear out of Changing, servant leadership workshop developer, author of TALK2ME©: Communication Moves to Get Along with Anyone, couple psychotherapy professor, news media source, family business coach, President of the Dayton Psychological Association, and much more. As a psychotherapist, he continues to work with couples, individuals and families at his company New Insights Communication in Centerville, Ohio. His new 400-page playbook is The Communication Highway: Drive the Fear out of Feedback.

The Talk Team:

Dr. Dennis O'Grady

Psychologist, Author, Communication Coach

40+ years experience in leading workshops and private practice psychotherapy business. Author of four books and one workbook. 

Ashlee Green

Executive Assistant

Assists in curriculum and workshop scheduling. Former teacher who has experience in healthcare and education.

Riley O'Grady


Riley co-leads workshops and helps with instructional design, program development, and program evaluation. 

Customer Reviews:

From skeptical to impressed. 

From closed off to engaged. 

From confused communication to clear communication.


"I must confess, I was a bit skeptical when I entered the conference room this morning for the workshop. I must say, I was very much surprised as to how much I learned and how insightful Dr. O'Grady's methods are. It was very much worth my time.”

"I have been required to go to previous communication classes which were a big waste of my time. I was expecting this was going to be another dull and unhelpful communications class I would have to sit through. However, I was quickly surprised to find out that Dr. O'Grady engaged me from the very start to the completion of the class. He taught us practical tools when the rubber meets the road at work and with my family. Thanks for making an engaging class and exceeding my expectations at last!"

"I found it difficult to effectively communicate to my dock workers how to correct a mistake in the workplace. But now I know how to communicate my gratitude for my dock guys so they know I appreciate their hard work. As an IQ leader, I now has a solid grasp of understanding communication that will help me with any issue."

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